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Paintings by Richard Carr
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Profile: Richard Carr

Richard studied art in the seventies at the Pretoria School of Art in South Africa. His major subjects were painting and sculpture. While busy with his fine art studies he also qualified as an art teacher.

After leaving art school he taught in Pretoria for two years before leaving the classroom to become a graphic artist and photographer - subjects he had studied at art school. He never stopped painting and drawing however and, when he took an early retirement, it was the natural thing for him to decide to embark on a career as an artist.

Richard left South Africa in 2009 to settle in West Yorkshire. He now lives and works in Haworth.

Whilst in South Africa Richard took part in many group exhibitions in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. He is presently concentrating on abstract painting and loves exploring colour, form and texture.

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Copyright Richard Carr 2016
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